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The Afghan hound is one of the most beautiful dogs with their long fur coat and aristocratic stance. You will find this dog breed is going to be very sweet, happy, loyal, and intelligent. The Afghan hound has been known for its courage as well as its sensitivity. Things you should know about their temperament include its ability to be around older children and other animals. As affectionate creatures they do well with older children who will exercise them as well as show them the attention they love. They are also good with other animals, especially after socialization. You will need to offer training as a puppy for obedience because they can be quite stubborn if you don’t. They are also very dignified creatures so they are typically not going to jump in water or puddles and play certain games. They can be a little hesitant around strangers, but for family they are very affectionate.

As I mentioned above training is important at the puppy stage. When training an Afghan hound you need to make sure you use a gentle, but firm hand. They are sensitive dogs and can be affected by rough behaviour or even harsh words. Consistency is also warranted when dealing with these dogs. You should allow proper socialization and obedience training before trying to teach them any tricks. For exercise you will find they need to have a fenced in yard and daily walks. While they are not active indoors they do need plenty of space. Their size is part of the reason they need space. When you exercise the dog you need to make sure you exercise them for a half hour each day, with running. They can overheat easily in warm climates or in the summer so you may have to take a break during the exercise to avoid any issues.

There are several wonderful dogs that you may wish to adopt, but how do you make that finally decision? Below you will find information regarding the Afghan hound dog breed in the hopes that you can make a sound decision as to whether their temperament, size, and of course grooming needs are what you are looking for.

The Afghan hound stands between 25 and 27 inches and weighs 50 to 60 pounds. They are usually any colour from cream to black. Typically the hound will have a long light coloured coat, with a dark patch on the back, ears, and around the muzzle. They are not bulky dogs, but rather thin from the face through to the rear. Their face is usually thing with a long narrow muzzle. You will find they have long floppy ears that can be hard to distinguish from their coat. For grooming you need to brush them daily to avoid matting and tangles. You also need to make sure they visit a groomer every six weeks or so to get a trim and their toenails clipped. You will want to make sure you give your Afghan hound a bath frequently to help avoid the matting and tangling of the hair. Often times when you live in a dry climate brushing can cause more of an issue than in a humid climate. It may be easier to seek a groomer who has the proper tools as their coat can be quite difficult to work with.

Afghan hounds make some of the best pets as they are loyal, elegant, and affectionate creatures. You will want to make sure to provide proper nutrition as well as time with your dog. Like most dogs you do not want to leave an Afghan hound alone for too many hours. They strive on attention and affection.

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