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The Siberian Huskies are just one of the working dog you may want to have if you live somewhere cold. They are a medium dog breed that offers loyalty, affection, and happiness for any human. You will find out below about some of their characteristics, grooming needs, and the proper care for these dogs.

If you take proper care of the Siberian husky you will find they live for more than ten or twelve years as faithful companions. They need a well balanced diet with plenty of protein and of course a lot of daily exercise. The Siberian husky is usually 35 to 60 inches in height depending on the sex and 20 to 24 pounds. They have medium length hair that is usually a white, gray, or black. You will also find that they tend to have blue eyes. They have thick coarse fur to keep them warm in the cold climates. You will also find that they have two coats, an undercoat that is usually thick and very soft, and a top coat that is a little coarser. You will find that they are usually lighter in color on the underside. Their faces are usually thin like a wolf, with a slightly long muzzle. The tail tends to remain uncurled unlike other breeds that they mirror.

If you are interested in a Siberian husky you should realize that they need a lot of exercise. They love to work and be useful so any time you can give them something to do even if it is just training you will have a happy dog. You will find that they exhibit agility, dominance, and pride. The dominance stems from the sled dogs that they are. They need to show some type of dominance in order to lead the back as a team. Some of the Siberian huskies will have less dominance as they were breed for further back in the team. However they all love to have a job given to them. They are highly intelligent, which means they can learn tricks, as well as work. You will find obedience training is a little difficult with the dominant nature, but they will soon learn who is master. As long as you keep a gentle hand and a firm hand with consistency you should have little trouble with further training. They do need to be socialized with other animals at an early age because of their hunting instincts. They get along great with other Huskies, but cats and other small pets can be an issue. They can get bored fairly easily so having a home with a medium sized backyard is usually very important. They would rather run around all day than be cooped up inside.

For care you will find that daily walks are needed, at least a total of two hours. Grooming is important on a daily basis to avoid matting and tangles. You should also know for care that the Siberian husky can have cataracts and retinal atrophy so you need to have frequent eye checks as well as other vet visits. These dogs love to be around people and be of use. They can even be pretty great with children as they are a hardy breed.

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