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This dog breed needs a large backyard and home. They can do okay in apartments as long as most of the day is spent out side playing. They are also very active indoors so make sure you have plenty of toys for them to enjoy. For grooming you will find that the care is a little more in depth than other pets. The American Eskimo dog needs to have a daily brushing after their walk in the evening. This will help keep the hair from matting as well as tangles. It will also get rid of any dead or loose hair they may have. They have dry skin so bathing is not recommended.

The American Eskimo dog has a long history dating back to German settlers. Apparently the dog breed is descended from the Spitz breed. You will also be glad to learn that this particular dog was a working in circuses for many years. This means that along with the affection and intelligence they show you will also find an agility and alertness that makes them a true companion. They can learn many skills in training from tricks to actual work with dog sleds. They are a hardy breed, which means they do not have many health issues. You will also find that they enjoy large families. The American Eskimo dog will be really great with children as well as other pets. They can be suspicious of strangers, but most often you will find they are quick to get over these feelings. In fact they will bark as a stranger approaches and make great guard dogs. American Eskimo dogs need a lot of attention, which means part of their care is the amount of exercise, playtime, and general time you spend with them.

You will need to be around the dog for most of the day. This means frequent trips home during the day if you work out of the home to offer playtime as well as exercise. They should have at least an hour of exercise a day and you should never leave them alone while you are on vacation. They tend to become destructive if they are isolated for long periods of time. You will find that they are great at giving love as well as receiving it. For training you will find they are easy to please. This means that they will enjoy the training because they get to play and they will listen to your commands and be very alert. You may have some trouble with obedience, but most often that is short lived with a firm, but gentle hand.

The American Eskimo dog is one of the most beautiful dog breeds you will find. This dog is of medium size offering a white, cream, or biscuit colour. They’re size proportions are 30 to 40 pounds and an average height of 12- 19 depending on the gender of the animal. You will find that in most cases the male dog is slightly bigger than the female. Going back to the coat for a moment you will find that with the longer hair they tend to shed a little more in warmer months, but typically in Alaska and other cold parts of the country they will not shed very much. The coat is a double fur with a thick undercoat for warmth and a top coat that is very soft and bushy. The coat will usually be straight. The tail on this particular dog will curl up like most of the Husky breeds to lie on the back. The muzzle is long, and they have short pointed ears.

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