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The Akita originated in Japan and is highly prized within their culture. You will find that Akita is a medium sized dog with the males gaining a height of 25 to 28 inches and the females 23 to 26 inches. They normally weigh between 65 to 130 pounds depending on sex and of course their care. Generally these dogs are white, pinto, or brindle in color. While they live in a moderate to hot climate in Japan you will find they have a double coat that is quite waterproof. The Akita has a harsh, straight topcoat, with an under coat that is dense and soft. This dog breed typically sheds their coat twice a year.

The character of the dog is alert, powerful, responsive, and courageous. In other words they love to have some sort of activity where they get to work as well as be very close to people. They are often great companions, therapy dogs, or guard dogs depending on your needs. They are usually not the greatest dog for small children as they are not as affectionate as other breeds, but they do take care of the ones they love.

The best characteristic of the Akita is the companionship they provide. They are extremely loyal to family members and tend to be restrained with strangers. You will find they are a one pet family. Other pets where they would have to share their food, territory, and family are considered a threat. They will have a more aggressive side with other pets or dogs. They tend to tolerate children and once they are used to the children will protect them. However they are not comfortable around other people’s children. They do not excessively bark either.

If you are considering this dog breed you will want to make sure you and the dog are going to be a good fit. They are not happy with career families, novice dog owners, or owners who are submissive. They deal well when commanded, working, or when you can shower them with a lot of attention.

Akita dogs are going to require a certain amount of grooming. They need to be brushed daily with a firm bristle. You will want to avoid bathing the dog as much as possible. They tend to have sensitive skin and it can become irritated when you bath them and use shampoo. You also don’t want to strip the coat of its natural oils during the bathing process as that can cause damage. This dog breed has webbed feet and need to have the hair trimmed away from their paws to make them more comfortable.

A caution for the Akita dogs is their medical problems. They are prone to hip dysphasia, hypothyroid, eye problems, and lupus. You have to be very attentive with the Akita breed when dealing with health care. You will want to make sure they have regular trips to the veterinarian and that they are given proper nutrition.

Lastly when you are considering owning an Akita you will need to spend a little time with intensive and extensive training. They need to have proper socialization and obedience training to make them a great pet. They need to understand whom the master is or they will take charge. The Akita also needs to have socialization training in order to help them deal with their surrounding environment. They are less likely to have issues with other people and pets when they are exposed as puppies to training. These dogs are extremely loyal and wish for patience, fairness, and consistency during training. You will find these dogs make wonderful working dogs.

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